CRO Strategies – Heatmap Analysis




A heat map is a graphical representation of data in which values are represented by colours. A simple heat map provides a visual summary of information.

It’s easy to see why one would need CRO. If your points of conversion are not optimized, website visitors won’t take action, which means you won’t get leads/customers.

CRO not only helps to increase conversions and ultimately boost sales, but it’s also cost-effective as it capitalizes on traffic which is already coming to your website.

We offer the following:

  • Definition of goals: Definition conversion rate, macro and micro conversions using industry average or studying competitor data.
  • Gathering of customers data: Gathering insights from real life, using cases and issues faced by customers.
  • List of hypothesis: Definition of what needs to be tested by referring to the objectives and goals (specific action). Similarly, definition of who is going to be tested ( a particular type of audience) and where is it tested (which specific page).
  • Test of Hypothesis: Utility of tools like Instapage and HubSpot to test your hypothesis on landing pages and other website elements like CTA positioning etc.
  • Review of Hypothesis: If the hypothesis is correct, then a proper roll out the design will take place. If the hypothesis isn’t correct, we keep the loop until the hypothesis is correct.



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